Femtolasik – The Gold Standard of Laser Eye Surgery?

femtolasik gold standardTo begin, femtolasik is a refractive surgery procedure where the surgeon uses two types of lasers. The first type of laser used is the femtosecond laser. I know, it sounds like something out of Star Wars. We wish! The main points to keep in mind about the laser is as follows:

  • This laser uses advanced laser technology.
  • This laser is guided by computers.

In this instant, we will not cover the complex technology of the laser. If you would like to learn more about femtosecond technology. Let us know in the comment section below!

The Two Step Femtolasik Procedure

femtolasik Cornea


In the first step of the femto LASIK eye surgery, the laser creates a thin flap in the cornea. With the use of the femtosecond laser the creation of the flap is precise. The “cornea” is the clear outside layer of the eye. See image on the right.


With this type of laser, the surgeon is able to create a truly unique procedure for each patient depending on their specific eye characteristics. This allows the entire procedure to be more predictable.

In the second step, the next laser used does the actual correcting. This laser is called the excimer laser. I know, “excimer” sounds like a scary word. It’s not. It works by reshaping the corneal tissue underneath the flap. The surgeon replaces the flap back into it’s original position after correcting the cornea.

Furthermore, what makes femtolasik a great surgery is the lack of a bladed tool. This surgery is consistent and is truly the all around laser surgery. Also, another name for this surgery is bladeless LASIK.

With that in mind, people who qualify for traditional LASIK are good candidates for bladeless LASIK.

Safety – A Universal Concern


Safety plays a huge role in making a decision about femto LASIK surgery. Who wouldn’t be concerned? Safety continues to be at a higher standard thanks to the introduction of the femtosecond laser. As stated above, the femtosecond laser is computer controlled. This technique greatly reduces complications. For this reason alone, many people choose to get Femtolasik. They feel that the lack of a blade being used equates to a safer procedure. We couldn’t agree more with that.

Indeed, each year thousands of people wish to be glasses free for once. (What four eyes?) They accomplish that by getting femtolasik done. Also, people confidently make that decision because the procedure is known to be of quality and accuracy. The mental comfort that comes with this accuracy plays a huge role in that decision.


If the match is Femto LASIK vs LASIK, who wins?. Can you really compare the two? The answer is yes! Just keep in mind that when it comes to safety the latter tends to outshine the former.

The similarities between the two should not be left unstated. Both are laser eye surgeries used to treat refractive errors. Although femto LASIK surgery is truly bladeless LASIK. Both surgeries accomplish excellent results. Below we will compare and contrast the two laser eye surgeries.

For more information on LASIK and the conditions that it treats, please read this article.

Femto LASIK Eye Surgery

You’re probably reading this and thinking femto LASIK vs LASIK? Are they the same thing? Well there is one major difference. The main difference between the two procedures is found in the first step. The creation of the flap! In femto LASIK surgery the flap is created with the use of a laser. Femto LASIK surgery is more precise than it’s older counterpart. The flap created with this procedure is smooth and even. The computer is able to precisely achieve a thinner flap every time. As a result, patients enjoy a relatively pain-free bladeless LASIK. Also, rehabilitation times are greatly reduced.


The creation of the flap in LASIK is created with a mechanical blade called a microkeratome. By nature, this mechanical procedure isn’t as precise as the laser used in Femto LASIK eye surgery. The flaps created in this procedure are not “even”. Flaps in this procedure are thicker due to more strain on the cornea.

Femto Lasik Advantages – At a Glance

If you’re still reading, I’m sure you’ve noticed some of the femto LASIK advantages already. If so, give yourself a pat on the shoulder! In addition to those already stated in the femto LASIK vs LASIK section above, we’ll name a couple more.

One of the more obvious femto LASIK advantages is during surgery there is a decrease in the risk of corneal abrasions. Also, post surgery there is a decrease in the risk of induced astigmatism. Not to mention the benefits seen by the surgeon. These benefits come in the form of options. That’s right! With the computer guided laser the surgeon is able to customize each procedure to fit the need of each patient. This means that the surgeon is able to choose the flap size, it’s shape, and ultimately it’s orientation. Out of the numerous femto LASIK advantages another important one is being able to decrease the risk of dislocation of the flap after the femto LASIK eye surgery. This is of course due to the overall quality of the flap which was created in the first place. I mean, no one wants to deal with a flapping cornea.

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