Costs Lasik Surgery – A Quick and Easy to Read Article

The Costs Lasik Surgery

This article will attempt to serve as a helpful source on the topic in question. How much does it cost to get laser eye surgery? I hope you find this article as helpful as it was for me while writing it.

Costs Lasik Surgery

Costs Lasik Surgery

The costs of Lasik mostly will vary based on a number of factors. One of the most obvious of such factors is geographical location. Prices will usually vary from provider to provider and location to location. Also, prices may depend on the type of technology in use by a particular surgeon and the amount of vision correction needed. The time it takes to complete the procedure may be a contributing factor as well. Knowing all of the price factors are essential.


Average Costs of Lasik Eye Surgery

Laser vision correction is priced by the eye. Therefore, you want to calculate the total cost of LASIK on two eyes.

Furthermore, bladeless LASIK prices can start anywhere from $299.00 and up (for one eye) depending on the provider. I’ve even seen prices as low as $100.00 per eye. Again, it is important that one does due diligence when choosing a provider. I wouldn’t recommend choosing a provider based on price alone.

“It might be cheap, but it could be a costly mistake!”

Make sure you research the type of technology in use such as wavefront technology. This will promise the most exact vision correction needed.

In 2015, the average price for this procedure and other correction surgeries was around $2,077.00 for every eye. So far, this is lower as compared to the average price in 2014 that was around $2,118.00 per eye. Needless to say the cost of Lasik has dramatically decreased year over year.

Pricing Methods

Three out of four surgeons mentioned that they quote just a single price for the surgery and other laser-based procedures for patients. This is based on the survey conducted in 2015. Other surgeons also have quoted different prices according to the technology used and the amount of vision correction and refractive error needed by a patient.

Are There Bargain Prices for LASIK?

It is not unusual seeing advertisements that promise the surgery for less than 1,000 dollars. Nevertheless, it’s likely that the bargain price will be for the correction of mild nearsightedness. The cost is significantly higher if your condition is harder to treat.

The offered price usually does not cover all of the fees. Also, additional costs may occur depending on the level of care needed during the post operation phase. With that in mind, add a little cushion to your budget for unexpected costs.

Costs Lasik Surgery. Is financing an option?

Is financing Lasik Surgery an option? You’re in luck! By doing a simple google search. You will come up with a ton of information on financing options. Here is a screen shot of a search I did on “Lasik Financing“.

Costs Lasik Surgery

You can see that there are financing companies that specialize in long-term payments and fixed rates. Private medical practices and surgery centers provide financing plans that are carried out by these companies to patients.

Lastly, some large institutional employers provide subsidized healthcare plans covering half of the costs lasik surgery. Others cover the entire cost of the Lasik procedure. For example, I know that if you are employed by the Military getting Lasik done is free. So, it wouldn’t hurt to check with your employer or your healthcare plan to see if you are covered. You might be surprised!

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